99/101 Pen Points Blister C

99/101 Pen Points Blister C

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A myriad of nibs are available for all types of artistic writing, drawing and illustrating. A brief description for each is listed below. #22B Extra-Fine Nib: bronze-finished nib for ornamental work and fine ruling. #56 School Nib: fine drawing nib for art school, stiff action, bronze finish. #99 Drawing Nib: special extra-fine point for draftsmen and lithographers. #100 Artist Nib: very delicate for experts. #101 Imperial Nib:very flexible nib for ornamental work, with a bronze finish. #102 Crow Quill Nib: super-fine, flexible art nib. #103 Mapping Nib: for mapping and fine-line art work. #104 Finest Nib: super-fine art nib for fine hair lines and also for small details. #107 Hawk Quill Nib: super-fine point, stiffer than #102 and very durable. For long even lines and cross-hatching. #108 Flexible Quill Nib: bronze-finished quill nib for cross-hatching, flourishing and lithography. #512 Bowl Pointed Nib: an extra-fine nib for ruling and lettering. #513EF Globe Nib: extra-fine-line, bowl pointed nib for industrial arts.
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