Chroma A>2 120ml Gold Acrylic Paint

Chroma A>2 120ml Gold Acrylic Paint

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This Chroma A>2 120ml Gold Acrylic Paint is specially designed for the needs of serious art students and hobby painters who wish to avoid the expense of buying top end professional artists colours whilst they are learning - however they would still like a high quality acrylic that contains light fast pigments.A2 Acrylics are strongly pigmented, using quality lightfast pigments, they are heavy bodied with the same consistency and handling qualities as a professional artist's paint. However they are competitively priced at a student price.A2 Acrylics are perfectly suited for use with the Atelier Painting Mediums, Grounds & Varnishes.The 20 colours in the A2 Acrylics range are what we believe to be the "basics" which need to be used and understood before exploring more specialised and extended professional artists ranges such as Atelier Interactive Acrylics.The 20 colours in the A2 Acrylics range have been carefully matched to colours in the Atelier Interactive Professional Artists Acrylic range, so that the experience you gain colour mixing while learning with A2 Acrylics is not lost.

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