Sennelier Acrylique Titanium White 60ml

Sennelier Acrylique Titanium White 60ml

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S1 Acrylique 60ml Titanium White. Since 1887, the Sennelier name has been syonymous with quality, artist-driven innovation and an unfailing commitment to the advancement of art. Today, they have applied their expertise, experience and unerring eye for color to create Sennelier Acrylique Paints. Sennelier has selected pigments of the highest quality, from the most demanding chemical laboratories, in order to maximize purity and clarity of tone. With 120 shades, Sennelier offers one of the broadest palettes on the market, including four interference colors and six iridescent tones. Sennelier has also developed a complete offering of fluid and gel media, lacquers and other additives that give the artist the flexibility to modify the texture, viscosity, transparency, or luminosity of the paint. Any artist can glaze, burnish, thicken, mask, top, thin, mix or create his own recipes!
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