Sennelier Acrylique Turquoise 60ml Acrylic Paint

Sennelier Acrylique Turquoise 60ml Acrylic Paint

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Sennelier Acrylique Turquoise 60ml Acrylic Paint is an artist-grade acrylic that has the consistency and rendering capability similar to those of extra fine oils. The texture is that of a colour paste, creamy and rich, revealing desired brush or knife marks.It has a high pigment content (primarily single pigments), selected to provide optimal stability over time.It can be worked with a brush, painting knife, metal spatula, fingers, or directly from the tube to obtain thick lines. Sennelier Acryliques have excellent spreading properties that make them easy to mix, allowing for an infinite number of shades without altering luminosity. They are excellent for coatings and can be mixed with Sennelier mediums and retarders to modify their texture, viscosity, transparency, or luminosity. They are low-odor and dry rapidly to create a permanent, insoluble, non-cracking, non-yellowing, water-resistant film.

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