GraphGear 500 Drw Pk 7mm

GraphGear 500 Drw Pk 7mm

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GraphGear 500 Drawing Pack - PG525A, KN103ABR, C505HB - (Free Lead). GraphGear 500 & Hybrid Technica Drawing Packs. This drawing pack features a GraphGear 500 Pencil and a Hybrid Technica Pen plus a free tube of lead. The GraphGear series offers students and professionals automatic drafting pencils for technical drawing and general writing. The 500 series has a metallic mesh grip on a slim, beveled barrel with a 4mm fixed sleeve. Perfect for sketching, drawing, Manga and more, the Hybrid Technica pen offers smooth, pigmented, archival ink and a tungsten carbide roller tip that guarantees a consistent line from the first to the last drop of ink. The ink is lightfast, bleed-proof, waterproof and fade-resistant.

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