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Grumbacher Spray Damar Retouching Varnish 11oz

Grumbacher Spray Damar Retouching Varnish 11oz

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Grumbacher Spray Damar Retouching Varnish 11oz is a spray damar varnish for use during intermediate stages of development in an oil painting to even out the gloss of unfinished works, or to revive sunken in or dry areas to aid in accurate color comparison for further painting.Grumbacher Damar Retouch Varnish can also be used to protect paintings before final varnishing. Transparent, quick-drying, clear, and glossy, it must be allowed to dry completely before overpainting. When the surface of the painting is dry to the touch, one very light coat of Retouch may be applied to it for protection against excessive dust.Use Grumbacher Damar Retouch Varnish only in thin layers. If the coat produces a gloss, too much has been applied.
This product is not intended as a final varnish.
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