Children's Art Kits

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  1. Klutz Activity Book

    Klutz Activity Book


    KU4767X| Kids Crafts (Klutz)| ACTIVITY KLUTZ BOOK Learn More
  2. Klutz Artrageous Book

    Klutz Artrageous Book


    A Book of Artrageous Projects Learn More
  3. Klutz Cat's Cradle

    Klutz Cat's Cradle


    The figures in the book are ancient in origin and come from all over the world. Learn More
  4. Charm Chains

    Charm Chains


    Create charms out of delicate wire, sparkly beads, and pretty plastic cutouts Learn More
  5. Fashion Origami

    Fashion Origami


    Turn single sheets of paper into sassy fashions that are anything but flat. Learn More
  6. Glossy Bands

    Glossy Bands


    With this kit kids can create beautiful, stretchy and durable pieces of art to wear or share Learn More
  7. Its All about Me Journal

    Its All about Me Journal


    Personality Quizzes for You and Your Friends Learn More
  8. Juggling



    This is the classic that made all others possible. Learn More
  9. Klutz Book of Jacks

    Klutz Book of Jacks


    A collection of 20 of the most time-honored, playground-tested, quality jacks games. Learn More
  10. Lego Crazy Action

    Lego Crazy Action


    A book of brand-new, high-performance projects. Learn More
  11. Monster Drawing

    Monster Drawing


    Everything a girl needs to design, make, and wear headbands in her own personal style. Learn More
  12. My Fabulous Look Book

    My Fabulous Look Book


    Fashion Drawing Made Easy Learn More
  13. Nail Art

    Nail Art


    A fully photographic instruction book Learn More
  14. Paper Fashions Fancy

    Paper Fashions Fancy


    Paper Fashions gets all dressed up and it’s all about glamour! Learn More
  15. Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines

    Rubber Band Powered Flying Machines


    This kit includes everything kids need to fly like a pro indoors and out. Learn More
  16. The Truth about My Name

    The Truth about My Name


    The Truth About My Name – And what it reveals about ME! Learn More
  17. Scoubidou



    Fine art at your fingertips. Learn More
  18. Fingerprint Fabulous

    Fingerprint Fabulous


    Fingerprint Fabulous is a glamorous take on a favorite art form: thumbprint drawing. Learn More
  19. Cootie Catcher Book

    Cootie Catcher Book


    Answers to all thsse burning questions are just a couple folds away. Learn More
  20. Boom ! Splat ! Kablooey !

    Boom ! Splat ! Kablooey !


    Make ordinary ingredients from your kitchen go boom in impressive, yet non-destructive, style Learn More
  21. Fabulous Book of Paper doll

    Fabulous Book of Paper doll


    A classic pastime updated for a new generation. Learn More
  22. Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner

    Twisted Critters Pipe Cleaner


    This kit presents a twisted take on the good old pipe cleaner. Learn More
  23. Thumb Doodles

    Thumb Doodles


    Create some awesome artwork! Learn More
  24. Studio Style

    Studio Style


    Young designers can draw any amazing styles they dream up with this fun kit Learn More
  25. Build a Book - My Family

    Build a Book - My Family


    Everything needed to make every kid an author and illustrator Learn More
  26. Paper Fashions

    Paper Fashions


    Turn colorful paper, ribbons and beads into glamorous miniature fashions and accessories with this fashionable kit. Learn More
  27. Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirkly Style

    Lettering in Crazy Cool Quirkly Style


    Ten different illustrators created ten different handmade lettering styles as guides to the imagination. Learn More
  28. Stencil Art

    Stencil Art


    Create works of art, personalized cards, wrapping paper and more with the stencils in this colorful kit Learn More
  29. Window Art

    Window Art


    The best of the past editions of Window Art are now combined into one epic volume. Learn More
  30. Klutz Paper Flying Dragons

    Klutz Paper Flying Dragons

    $16.99 $15.29

    Big dragons, baby dragons, a dragon you design yourself Learn More

30 Item(s)