Children's Art Kits

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  1. Klutz Artrageous Book

    Klutz Artrageous Book


    A Book of Artrageous Projects Learn More
  2. Aquastone Bead Loom

    Aquastone Bead Loom

    $30.00 $26.99

    A color instrument for creating unique jewelry. Learn More
  3. Cool Bead Stringer

    Cool Bead Stringer

    $30.00 $26.99

    | Wooky| Learn More
  4. Glamour Purse

    Glamour Purse

    $25.00 $22.49

    | Wooky| Learn More
  5. Lego Crazy Action

    Lego Crazy Action


    A book of brand-new, high-performance projects. Learn More
  6. Nail Art

    Nail Art


    A fully photographic instruction book Learn More
  7. Paper Fashions Fancy

    Paper Fashions Fancy


    Paper Fashions gets all dressed up and it’s all about glamour! Learn More
  8. Studio Style

    Studio Style


    Young designers can draw any amazing styles they dream up with this fun kit Learn More
  9. Paper Fashions

    Paper Fashions


    Turn colorful paper, ribbons and beads into glamorous miniature fashions and accessories with this fashionable kit. Learn More
  10. Window Art

    Window Art


    The best of the past editions of Window Art are now combined into one epic volume. Learn More

10 Item(s)