Children's Painting Supplies

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  1. Kiddie Apron Cupcake

    Kiddie Apron Cupcake

    $25.00 $19.90

    SugarBooger® introduces the Cupcake Kiddie Apron. Made of durable, soft cotton-canvas with a washable, waterproof coating. Child-friendly magnetic-snap closure makes it easy for toddlers or pre-schoolers to put on or take off. The apron features four handy pockets and cotton-piping back-tie, as well as a re-usable cotton-canvas pouch for storage. Machine wash, low dry.

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  2. Playcolor Kids 6 Set

    Playcolor Kids 6 Set

    $9.95 $8.96

    Special for school use.  For Drawing & Painting in a fun, easy, and clean way.  For Painting on paper, cardboard, wood, etc.  Instant application with no need for water


    • Easy to use
    • No water or cups needed
    • No paint brushes needed
    • When pressing lightly results look like pastel, when pressing firmly results look like a poster paint
    • Won't wrinkle paper
    • Bright, vibrant colors
    • Quick drying
    • Won't crack when dry
    • Not messy, easy cleanup
    • Easy to pack up and store in the tray that comes with each set
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  3. ChromaTemp Paint

    ChromaTemp Paint

    Out of stock

    Formulated to provide inspiration for the budding artist. Use Chromatemp over and over.

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  4. Sargent Art Brush Sets

    Sargent Art Brush Sets

    Starting at: $1.29

    Beginner brush sets, All purpose brush sets, and more Learn More
  5. Chromatemp Tempera Paints

    Chromatemp Tempera Paints

    Out of stock

    Clean, safe paint for the young artist Learn More
  6. Washable FingerPnt 8 Set

    Washable FingerPnt 8 Set

    $12.54 $8.99

    | Tempra Paint Washable (Sargent| Learn More
  7. Washable FingerPnt 4 Set

    Washable FingerPnt 4 Set

    $5.19 $3.69

    | Tempra Paint Washable (Sargent| Learn More
  8. Finger Pnt Ppr 11x14 15sht

    Finger Pnt Ppr 11x14 15sht

    $3.15 $2.29

    | Painting Accessories-Kids (Sar| Creative Fun Catalog Learn More
  9. Washable Finger Pnt 4 Set

    Washable Finger Pnt 4 Set

    $7.05 $5.09

    709-7012| Finger Paint| Creative Fun Catalog Learn More
  10. Sargent Art No Spill Cup - White

    Sargent Art No Spill Cup - White

    $1.47 $1.39

    ZC221696| Painting Accessories-Kids (Sar| NO SPILL CUP~WHITE Learn More
  11. No Spill Cup Grn

    No Spill Cup Grn

    $1.47 $1.39

    ZC221666| Painting Accessories-Kids (Sar| NO SPILL CUP~GREEN Learn More
  12. Sargent Art No Spill Cup - Blue

    Sargent Art No Spill Cup - Blue

    $1.47 $1.39

    ZC221650| Painting Accessories-Kids (Sar| NO SPILL CUP~BLUE Learn More
  13. Sargent Art No Spill Cup - Red

    Sargent Art No Spill Cup - Red

    $1.47 $1.39

    ZC221620| Painting Accessories-Kids (Sar| NO SPILL CUP~RED Learn More
  14. No Spill Cup Orng

    No Spill Cup Orng

    $1.47 $1.39

    ZC221614| Painting Accessories-Kids (Sar| NO SPILL CUP~ORANGE Learn More
  15. No Spill Cup Ylw

    No Spill Cup Ylw

    $1.47 $1.39

    ZC221602| Painting Accessories-Kids (Sar| NO SPILL CUP~YELLOW Learn More
  16. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Ahoy Matey
  17. O.R.E. Activity Bib Apron Kiwi
  18. O.R.E. Activity Bib Apron Orange
  19. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Road Trip
  20. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Vintage ABC
  21. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Flutterby
  22. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Wind Up Toy
  23. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Secret Garden
  24. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Hoot
  25. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Hungry Monster
  26. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Prehistoric
  27. O.R.E. Kiddie Apron Retro Robot

27 Item(s)