• New Evolon Paper

    Lainey Jeansonne, artist and BINDERS framer shares her experience with the new Evolon Surface.
    I was really excited to try the new Evolon surface; I love water colors and watercolor paper but am exceptionally lazy at stretching it properly.  Evolon maintains its shape even as it dries, so no surface warping.
    After my first few strokes on the thinner 58gsm sheet I quickly discovered that Evolon requires a completely different approach than I was used to taking with regular watercolor paper.  The benefit and the struggle I faced with this material was that its very absorbent nature required me to change my method of painting.
    Evolon Paper A
    I'm used to having some time to play with water on dry paper before the surface tension of the water becomes slowly absorbed into the paper’s fibers.  This kind of manipulation of the water on the surface is not possible with Evolon, because it absorbs all the fluid as soon as it hits the surface.
    Evolon Paper C
    However, it is possible to push already absorbed pigment from one area to another by dropping clear water next to it.
    Evolon Paper D
    I love the way color is absorbed and spread through the fibers making very soft transitions, it reminds me of rice paper in this way. I also really love the more cloth like texture of Evolon, it’s a durable material that is very easy to stretch like a canvas.
    After a few test runs I was able to do a quick composition on the thicker 168gsm sheet.
    Evolon Paper F
    I found that I much preferred the thicker sheet; it seemed that colors showed up brighter while some of the lighter colors I used disappeared on the 58gsm sheet. I think it will make and excellent addition to my studio supplies, not as a replacement for watercolor paper but as an additional material to experiment with.
    I also see it being wonderful for travel and urban sketching since it bends with out keeping permanent curls or creases. It’s an ideal surface to pack on the go and the dry time is also very quick as well.
    - Lainey
    See more of Lainey's art on her website.
  • July Promos and Deals

    BINDERS Sumer Sizzle Sale

  • BINDERS Welcomes The Sketchbook Project

    The Sketchbook Project mobile Library will be on location at the BINDERS Ponce City Market location June 5th-7th 2015.

    The Sketchbook Project

    The Sketchbook Project Events

    Binders will be hosting Sketchbook and Journaling demos throughout the weekend.

    Strathmore has provided a beautiful 11x14 hard covered Mixed Media Art Journal for each of our stores.

    Please come by and make your mark, we will have plenty of media on hand to try. We will be digitizing the journals and posting them online to celebrate our 60th Anniversary this October!

    Come by, checkout a sketchbook, get inspired, and play!

    In Store Demos & Deals

    Sakura & Faber will be demoing and offering an extra 10% Off Preferred Pricing.

    Strathmore will be in the store demoing their sketchbooks  and journals Saturday from 12-4 and offering 20% off BINDERS Preferred Pricing.

    MOLOTOV markers will be available at an extra 10% Off Preferred Pricing and KOH-i-NOOR pencils sets will be available at an extra 15% Off Preferred Pricing.

    Jorge Santiago from Stillman & Birn will be offering a demo on their sketchbooks and Journals and offering an extra 10% off Preferred Pricing.

    Jason Kofke will be demoing Pentel Saturday from 12-3 and will be offering an extra 10% off Preferred Pricing on all Pental Products.

  • May Promos and Deals

    BInders Art Spring SaleWe have fun promotions and give-a-ways this month. To receive the info direct to your inbox please sign up to our newsletter list.

    Art Alternative Canvas Promo

    BINDERS Canvas SaleMontana Give-a-Away

    Montana Chalk Paint



    Grumbacher Promotion

  • Winsor Newton Professional Watercolour Sticks and Markers Demo

    With their incredible intermixability, permanence and brilliance, Team BINDERS loved the hands on opportunity to play and experience Winsor Newton Professional Watercolour sticks and markers.

    Hands On Winsor Newton Professional Watercolour Sticks and Markers Demo

    With incredible intermixability, permanence and brilliance Team Binders loved having the chance to play and experience Winsor Newton Professional Watercolour sticks and markers.Ray Doty visited both the Buckhead/Piedmont and Midtown/Ponce City Market locations to share his tips and tricks. Such as storing your markers sideways keeps them from drying out.

    Quick Tip: if your marker does dry out Ray suggests dipping it water, laying it sideways and giving it time to reload. You'll be putting down consistent color in no time.

    The watercolour sticks are made of the same professional grade pigment as the paint and extremely versatile. They can be used like a pencil or applied with a brush like a pan color. The stickcome in 48 colors to perfectly match the paint tube palette, and you won't believe how long they last.  A stick equals a 5 ml tube, lasting about a year.

    Winsor Newton Professional Watercolour Sticks and Markers

    These products are great for Plein Air users and are safe for children.

    - Team Binders

  • Rising Stars SCAD

    Rising Stars SCAD

    The Rising Stars SCAD program, gives rising high school seniors the opportunity to earn undergraduate credit in foundation and major classes.

    During a creativity filled 5 weeks, students complete a regular 10 week course load and may complete up to two classes. And to round out the experience participants live on campus enjoy all of SCAD's facilities.

    While participating in the Rising Stars program, students will have the opportunity to visit BINDERS Art Supplies and Frames newest location at Ponce City Market.  A few miles from the SCAD campus lies an oasis of art supplies and helpful staff surrounded by Atlanta history.

    Rising Stars SCAD

    The Ponce City Market location is part of the major renovation of the old Sears building in the 4th Ward. Being first has it's advantages. As you step into BINDERS you walk across hard wood flooring that was reclaimed from the old Sears building. And the property's history goes back even further than the 1920's. Before Sears there was a Victorian amusement park and before that people came to bathe in the springs because it was thought to improve their health.

    The area is bursting with creativity and inspiration!

    See you soon!








  • Art Stars via Winsor & Newton

    In this installment of Winsor & Newton's Art Stars we visit with Jaime Gili.

    Jaime Gili is a Venezuelan-born, London-based abstract artist who works in acrylic.

  • Art and Social Change with WonderRoot

    Join us at Binders Ponce City Market for the first installment of Binders Art Talk.

    At this panel discussion, WonderRoot staff will discuss how the organization fulfills its mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change - and talk about the future WonderRoot Center for Arts & Social Change, an accessible resource center for artists and community members offering 54,000 square feet of studios, classrooms, public space, creative programs and a performance hall.

    Participating Staff

    Chris Appleton, Executive Director

    Jennifer Lobsenz, Program Director

    Matthew Rosenfeld, Program Assistant

    Jess Bernhart, Arts Center Manager

    Floyd Hall, Interactive/Integrated Media Manager

    Susan Aspinwall, Development Director

    WonderRoot Logo


    Not familiar with WonderRoot? Here’s the skinny…

    About WonderRoot

    WonderRoot is an arts organization that works to improve the cultural and social landscape of Atlanta through creative initiatives and community partnerships. Founded in 2004, WonderRoot’s mission is to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change.

    Who does WonderRoot serve?

    WonderRoot serves artists at pivotal stages in their careers, as well as the public at-large who might not traditionally engage with the arts. Last year, WonderRoot reached more than 40,000 Atlantans through programs and exhibitions.

    What are their programs?

    WonderRoot is best known for the WonderRoot Community Arts Center which houses a recording studio, darkroom, digital media lab, screen printing studio, ceramics studio, gallery and music venue. Beyond the Arts Center, WonderRoot offers year-round arts & activism programs, youth development initiatives, professional development for artists, public art exhibitions, a literary magazine, film programs, community outreach initiatives, and more.

    membership_header WonerRoot Arts Center

    Who are their partners?

    WonderRoot believes that collaboration is the most effective way of creating meaningful and lasting impact. Their partners include: City of Atlanta, Fulton County, Atlanta Regional Commission, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), Emory University Center for Ethics, Reynoldstown Civic Improvement League, High Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta Film Festival, the Atlanta Beltline, and many others.

    What is the WonderRoot Center for Arts & Social Change?

    The WonderRoot Center for Arts & Social Change is an accessible resource center for artists and community members offering 54,000 square feet of studios, classrooms, public space, creative programs and a performance hall. With ever an increasing demand than our current 4,500 square foot facility can support, a move to a larger facility will ensure that WonderRoot remains a financially secure and sustainable organization, serves more people, offers additional and higher quality programs, and remains firmly situated in Reynoldstown while continuing to serve the greater Atlanta region. The WonderRoot Center for Arts & Social Change is an incubator for artists, activists, and community partners to create a more equitable and livable great East Atlanta. As WonderRoot celebrates its 10th anniversary, it is the ideal time to expand our operations and build upon the meaningful partnerships we have formed.

    CEsvhIy4jOGRvRhQ7SfdCeSvIPYFOTlxV5Nh3Lmw0Tcp_gJFeSyYsnU3VwKm1yUsgRa-kw2qlxlXVgxXt9L_j4 WonderRoot Center for Arts & Social Change, coming fall 2015

    Come learn more about WonderRoot, their upcoming Center for Arts & Social Change, and talk with staff. Registration is FREE!


    BINDERS Art Talk Presents:

    Art and Social Change with WonderRoot

    Sunday, March 8, 4-5:30pm

    ARTZ1559 | Registration is Free!


    Binders Art School

    About BINDERS Art Talk

    BINDERS Art Talk is a bi-monthly series that connects audiences with a variety of thoughtful and creative leaders in the art world including artists, instructors, and innovators. Speakers cover a variety of topics that serve to build arts awareness, increase advocacy, spark conversation, and illuminate the creative process.

    If you’re interested in giving a talk or have suggestions about topics, please email artschool@bindersart.com.

  • Art Materials Expo (AME) is a month away!

    Art Materials Expo (AME) is a month away and we are busy helping finalizing the details and sharing all the goodness that will prove to be the largest art supply expo in the South East.

    AME video Promo

    BINDERS mission finds it's foundation in encouraging, inspiring and supporting a vibrant and growing art community. We have been very excited to partner with AME because it aligns perfectly with our values. Keeping artists working in Georgia has a tremendous positive impact on the states economy and ensures we continue to do what we love to do.

    This week our founding partner Tom McDermott sat down with ArtWorks! Gwinnett's Raye Varney to discuss AME on Arts Talk.

    ">ArtsTalk: Artist Materials Expo Promo from TVgwinnett on Vimeo.

    The Expo floor will be the center of activity with  Art Supply Vendors and Manufactures, Community Artist Groups and Colleges you can visit.

    True to our mission we have a full schedule of FREE Art in the Community Presentations.

    We have a variety of Workshops - There is something for everyone, perfect the the working artist, the weekend warrior or the beginner!

    See you in February!

  • Painting :: Color & Light :: Composition :: Technique :: Rendering :: Paul LaJeunesse Comes to BINDERS Art School

    Paul LaJeunesse will be offering a variety of workshops that folks are sure to benefit from while honing their craft. Color & Light, Composition, Technique Mixte, and Rendering are a few subjects Paul will present. We're thrilled to bring in the exceptional artist and instructor in 2015.


    Can you tell us a little about yourself?

    I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. I attended Missouri State University from 1994-1999 and graduated with a BFA in drawing. I moved to St. Louis and worked at Laumeier Sculpture Park as the Preparator, Conservation Technician and Registrar until 2003 when I was accepted to graduate school at Bowling Green State in Bowling Green Ohio. At Bowling Green I met Patrick Betaudier while attending a summer workshop where I learned the Technique Mixte. I then studied with Patrick for a semester in Monflanquin France. I graduated from Bowling Green in 2006 and returned to St. Louis to teach at Florissant Valley campus of St. Louis Community College. I received the Greenshields Foundation Grant at this time and immediately afterwards my Fulbright to create a body of work in Iceland. I spent the next 9 months in Reykjavik and Siglufjordur Iceland creating a body of work. After returning to the states I was hired to teach at Western Oregon University. I taught there for 3 years and then moved to Atlanta to teach at Georgia State University. After 3 years in Atlanta I moved to Chattanooga Tennessee to pursue my own artistic practice and teach workshop format classes. Upon moving to Chattanooga I was awarded a mural project by the Northshore Merchants Collective and now have a mural painting on the corner of Forest and Frazier avenues in Chattanooga Tennessee. During the summer I also taught at Anderson Ranch in Snowmass Village Colorado.

    paul mural Image Courtesy of the Artist

    Tell us a little about your work space. How does it contribute to your work?

    As for the work space contributing to my work, I am in a new space and very excited as it's more spacious than anything I have had before and in excellent condition as it was newly renovated. This allows me to work on multiple paintings at once as I develop the layers of the painting. I usually have 3-4 paintings in progress at varying levels of resolution. Because I use a layering technique, the technique mixte, I need drying time for certain paintings. This allows me to work on a different painting at a different phase, either layout, under drawing, underpainting or glazing. The process is more flexible than it may initially seem as I can rework any painting at any level with the tempera paint. This allows for compositional changes along the way should I need them.

    Studio01 Image Courtesy of the Artist
    LaJeunesse Images_Color and Light-1 Image Courtesy of the Artist

    What projects are you working on currently?

    I am currently continuing a body of work that began in Atlanta where I use layered imagery to reference how we assimilate memories of our experiences to give us a sense of identity and value as they relate to place.

    The idea is that our experiences are linear but we often think, feel and remember in a non-linear fashion. The way we build our identity is based on our memory and future projection "I am this because of past experience and want to be this in the future". Or rather, we want to be perceived as these things, whatever our individual value system is such as moral, ethical, kind, revered, famous, etc. etc. We all have these mashed up versions of what we are and, thus, what we value, and cannot have a definition of self without a sense of place. Memory of any event always has a setting and that setting is as significant (if not more so) as to defining us than an event or action. The place allows for action. The place sets mood and how we can interact with space and with one another.

    This is why I am interested in creating these surreal landscapes as they can create a sense of memory of a place that many people can identify with, without the setting being so literal. The paintings are always about place and what that means to a person and their identity rather than a literal description of the physical attributes of a space.

    What do you hope students will take away from your courses at Binders?

    I hope the students gain a stronger understanding of how they see and how their eye and mind work to create visual perception. Understanding of this along with a deeper understanding of material properties will allow students to create freely in their own artwork without any technical hang-ups.


    "I want people to have the ability to create works as they want so they can freely employ the material as is needed for the content of the painting, not for some stylistic application."


    Too many people are relegated, as painters, to creating abstracted works based on lack of understanding of materials and optics. It's not that I want everyone to become photo realists, but I want people to have the ability to create works as they want so they can freely employ the material as is needed for the content of the painting, not for some stylistic application. It is similar to teaching a musician to play music instead of teaching them jazz or punk rock.  If all anyone has ever played is jazz, that's what they can do. If they learn to compose and play music, they can play anything and follow their interests as they change and develop as an artist without limitations.

    LaJeunesse Images_Color and Light-2 Image Courtesy of the Artist


    Color and Light with Paul LaJeunesse

    2 Sessions | Intermediate to Advanced | Price: $195 | Max. 10

    ARTZ1547 | Saturday & Sunday, January 24 & 25, Sat. 10:30 – 5pm, Sun. 11:30 – 5:30pm


    LaJeunesse Images_Comp Image Courtesy of the Artist


    Composition and Painting with Paul LaJeunesse

    2 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $195 | Max. 10

    ARTZ1549 | Saturday & Sunday, April 18 & 19, Sat. 10:30 – 5pm, Sun. 11:30 – 5:30pm


    LaJeunesse Images_TTR Objects-1 Image Courtesy of the Artist
    LaJeunesse Images_TTR Objects-2 Image Courtesy of the Artist


    Technique Mixte with Paul LaJeunesse

    3 Sessions | All Levels | Price: $250 | Max. 10

    ARTZ1550 | Friday – Sunday, May 23 – 25, Fri. & Sat. 10:30 – 5pm, Sun. 11:30 – 5:30pm


    LaJeunesse Images_Rendering in Value-1 Image Courtesy of the Artist
    LaJeunesse Images_Rendering in Value-3 Image Courtesy of the Artist
    LaJeunesse Images_Rendering in Value-2 Image Courtesy of the Artist


    Rendering in Value with Paul LaJeunesse

    1 Session | Intermediate to Advanced | Price: $140 | Max. 10

    ARTZ1548 | Saturday, March 21, Sat. 10:30 – 4pm



    For questions, more information, or registration please contact the BINDERS Education Office at 404237-6331 ext. 203 or email jacob@bindersart.com.

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